Supporting Incredible Steminists Doing Incredible Things — Alpha’s Way of Giving Back

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  • Caeley Looney was born to two engineers (shout out to her mom who was a naval engineer and paved the way for women of her time) and has been a Steminist her whole life. She is an Aerospace Engineer by practice and continues engineering while building out Reinvented Magazine. Caeley and her incredible team are reinventing the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women nationwide through magazines among a number of initiatives.
  • Melanie and Molly saw their friends who were once passionate about tech and business drop these interests in middle-school when there were no other girls in their classes. Knowing that the majority of girls lose interest in STEM in middle school, Melanie and Molly started Girl Tech Boss to empower middle school through high school aged girls to pursue entrepreneurship in the STEM field by providing them with resources and support from the existing community.
  • Shivali Gulati is a tech star who is constantly contributing to the STEM community by organizing hackathons, developing curriculums, and sharing her story. She is excited to provide her knowledge of computer science to the next generation of females with Girl Genius, an online magazine created by aspiring girls in STEAM which provides a platform for girls to learn about accomplished women in STEAM, showcase their projects, as well as connect with girls nationwide.
  • 20% from every Alpha purchase is donated to Founding Females
  • STEMinist and Minmalist shirts donated to supplement each of our organizations’ initiatives
  • Creating an apparel collection for each organization as a means of fundraising
  • Assistance with organizing events
  • Ongoing support, advice, and love ❤
Take a look at their combined impact!




Founder of Wear Alpha ⚡Leading a creative and social-impact driven movement to bring the inspirational powers of STEM to everyone

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Karina Popovich

Karina Popovich

Founder of Wear Alpha ⚡Leading a creative and social-impact driven movement to bring the inspirational powers of STEM to everyone

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