UWM Study Spots

How to find your perfect study spot on the UWM campus

Who else goes to UW-Milwaukee around here? I struggled to find study spots since I transferred here and switched my major...

What should you bring:

  1. Textbooks/notebooks
  2. Headphones & music player/phone
  3. Pens/pencils/highlighters
  4. UWM ID & printing card
  5. OPTIONAL: laptop/tablet

Typical Study Spots at UWM

Golda Meir Library

Located in the center of campus, this place offers computers, various charging stations for phones (for everyone who forgot their charger for the day), a coffee shop, and quiet to social study spaces. You will need your UWM ID to access the library after 11PM. Also worth noting: at least 2 nearby Pokestops depending on where you're sitting.

  • 1st floor: social area to check your email on one of the Macs, do serious work at a computer, eat lunch, meet up for a group project, ask for help from circulation desk, several PantherPRINT printers and quick print from Mac kiosks printers available
  • Basement: Social study areas (can talk), charging station towards DVD area, PantherPRINT printer by computers & scanners
  • 2nd floor & above: great quiet study areas, 3rd floor by the windows is the best. PantherPRINT printers are in the stairways


There are multiple places in the Union to study, but you have to find your favorite place. There's the Gasthaus in the basement with a darker atmosphere and food readily available. On the first floor, you have access to the big cafeteria space by the convenience store, LGBT Resource center, and Veterans Resource center with snacks and meals. On the 2nd floor, you have the fast food places and multiple chairs in a natural light area, along with the computer lab with 2 PantherPRINT printers, and tables scattered along the floor up to the coffee shop. 3rd floor has a study area with tables and sofa seats above the computer lab area with a few computers and a printer.

If you plan on staying late, you can get a ride back to your dorm or apartment on the shuttle, bus lines, or the BOSS (public safety vans).


Are you an Engineering or Computer Science major? Then you will need to know about the 3rd floor computer lab to the right of the advising office. Inside, there's a big computer lab, study tables, TONS OF OUTLETS, whiteboards, and a PantherPRINT printer. 3rd floor has tables & outlets for studying in-between classes. If you're unlucky and everything is taken, take a chance and wander upwards to the 4th floor and above. They have various tables, however most won't have outlets nearby (office area for professors).

Architecture Building

My favorite find when wandering about. They have an art store inside that sells soda for 50 cents! Best find if you need a small caffeine boost with a can of soda but hate coffee. The open study area on the 1st floor has tables with plenty of outlets on the floor to charge your laptop. Definitely bring your headphones if you want to study!

What's your favorite study area on campus? Comments are welcome~
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