A Perfect Morning Transformed by a Simple Noise

Today was going to be the day.

All week I had been planning what I was going to write. It was one of those ideas that appear during a moment of clarity. I was driving home from work, and as I was stuck in traffic the words came to me. I was ecstatic!

With the perfect story brewing in my mind, I started to go through my daily morning routines.

I woke up bright and early, then wandered downstairs to put water on for my coffee. After measuring out and grinding some fresh beans, I began the meditative process of brewing my morning cup of pour-over coffee. The smell alone was enough to get my writing juices flowing. I could already tell this was going be an exceptional piece.

While the coffee was steeping, I rolled out my yoga mat and began to get my body ready to write. A few stretching exercises, followed by some push-ups helped to awaken my muscles, my senses, and my mind. A new vigor flowed through my form. I could feel that the words were starting to circulate from my mind down to my fingertips, waiting to escape.

Finally, it was time to create. Everything about the day had led me to this perfect moment. I sat down at my computer, ready to unleash the words that would bring joy, happiness, and insight to the scores of people who would read it. I was prepared to feel the elation a writer feels when the block lifts and one’s true purpose materializes.

And as I was all ready to begin, about to type the first words, I heard it.

The sound of my infant son waking up bright and early; much earlier than usual.

With that sharp sound of glee, that melodious babbling of a small wonder ready to discover a new day, my flawlessly constructed and picturesque opportunity to write was ruined. The spigot from which these insightful words were going to flow was abruptly shut off.

And replaced with something so much better. Something priceless.

A perfect morning with my son.

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