Your MBTI perfect match is:

For ENFJs, romantic relationships provide an opportunity to make the most satisfying type of human connection. ENFJs crave relationships that are intimate, transformative, authentic and deep, and they probably enjoy falling in love more than any other type. They are nurturing, expressive, kind, encouraging and supportive. When their partners are feeling troubled or depressed, ENFJ partners will do everything in their power to bring the smiles and sunshine back into their lives.

Despite their natural warmth, ENFJs have strong values and a well-developed sense of their own dignity. When they feel a need to defend themselves or correct the mistakes of others, they can be sharp-tongued and direct in their observations and criticisms. But they see conflicts with loved ones as a product of misunderstanding and not bad intentions, and that is why they never stay mad for long. Their standards won’t be compromised, but neither will their commitment to love, and their inherent gentleness prevents them from doing or saying anything that will cause lasting damage.

The Downsides

It is very important for ENFJs to feel noticed, appreciated, cherished and loved—often, as in all the time. This isn’t inspired by insecurity, but rather by their idealistic notions about what love should be. They won’t ask for these things, however; they expect their significant others to offer them automatically without any prompting. So when normally warm and affectionate ENFJs suddenly become quiet and distant, there’s an excellent chance they’re feeling unappreciated and unloved and are worried about the state of their relationships.

Where to Find Your ENFJ Mate

ENFJs are driven to help others, and can be found in any setting where they might have the opportunity to change the world. Try volunteering for a charity or nonprofit and you're sure to encounter a few, especially if the organization is involved in guiding or inspiring youth.

In school, ENFJs are often found studying humanities or social sciences. In the work world, ENFJs can be found in a wide range of careers, but are usually working in an organization with a humanitarian mission and are often in a leadership role.