Anchoring Your Day in Gratitude

Dear Kit

I feel your sorrow, your anger, your guilt.

You want to pound your head against the walls, scream and crumble onto the floor, weep until there are no tears left.

It is never easy falling prey to DREADFUL thoughts. You feel dirty, fake, and pretentious.

Just remember that you are none of those.

You are not dirty. You are not fake. You are not pretentious.

What you are is: disturbed.

I know it’s hard to find that darn silver lining when your entire being is buried in a pit of dejection.

The golden sunshine hurts your eyes.
The boundless sky looks bland.
The crisp breeze pricks your skin with the force of a thousand needles.

Nothing seems beautiful. Nothing feels right. Nothing looks fresh.

But close your eyes and travel back just a few hours to this morning, when you took your dog out for a quick walk.

Remember when you admired the snow crystals glittering beneath your feet?
Remember when your pup — Oreo — pushed his snout into the snow in search of — umm — poop, maybe?!
Remember when the caramel-colored rays gilded barren trees?

Remember how you smiled?

Grab those memories RIGHT NOW.

Hold onto those generous, gorgeous moments — even if there are only few because each one of those is another thread in this ravishing tapestry of life.

Anchor your days in simple pleasures, sincere efforts, and sweet memories.

Place your hand against your chest and feel your beating heart, your aching sorrows, your frustrating fears, and your dancing dreams.

Feel appreciative for being able to enjoy and dance with each one of the complex and charming emotions of life.

Gratitude — it works, really.

Only one question remains: do you CHOOSE to be grateful?

Until later

Your Muse

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