Be With YOU

Dear Kit

Since muses too need their beauty sleep, I took the weekend off.

When I woke up this morning, I was shocked to realize that you had deactivated your social media accounts.


The girl who couldn’t take a picture without clicking the Share button immediately. The girl who just had to maniacally refresh her Facebook feed to count the number of Likes for a not-so-funny joke. The girl who lived an ‘open’ life in the little message boxes of social media.

THAT girl just up and left?

Are you INSANE?

Do you know how PROUD I am of you?!

Quitting cold turkey is no small feat for an addict like you.

I can already sense your listlessness and loneliness — your doubts and despair — your misery and malaise.

You miss your friends — deeply.

You miss being able to chortle and cry and commiserate with them.
You miss being able to discuss books and words and articles.
You miss being able to joke around — doing nothing, just enjoying their virtual company.

You miss all of that — and all of them.

As you must — and as you will.

But, darling, you and I both know that this was the right move.

You need to step away from the ‘sound’ and saunter into the delicious solitude.

You need to stop talking and start thinking.
You need to stop declaring and start doing.
You need to stop coveting and start creating.
You need to stop pitying and start performing.
You need to stop indicting and start inspiring.
You need to stop stressing and start seeing.
You need to stop envying and start exerting
You need to stop quelling and start questioning
You need to stop lying and start living

It all starts with YOU!

So flash a smile, roll up your sleeves, whistle a tune and get ready for some YOU-time:

….to think, to reflect, to dream
….to fear, to feel, to free
….to do, to love, to be

You will get back to social media a kinder friend, a happier writer, and a wiser human being.

Those who matter will welcome you back with the coziest snuggles, the most comforting sighs, and the cheeriest smiles!

Until later

Your Muse