It forces me to take stock of the movement of my life that’s happening right now. My job on these daily postings is to notice things and explain them to you. This makes me move through my world differently. With open eyes.
The movement of your life
Jonas Ellison

I am taking a hiatus from social media to do JUST THIS — I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and I rarely use Google Plus :D

Yesterday, I spent 30 minutes just watching a street lamp without glasses…and later through an empty plastic bottle.

The blurry dot glowed softly — yawning contentedly — like the fuzzy evening sun as it makes its’ way down the horizon ❤

Despite all the negativity pummeling me deeper into my bed and streaking down my cheeks, I emitted a loud sigh and felt blessed to have “LOOKED” — REALLY LOOKED — at that ignored lamp…that, until yesterday, I didn’t know existed ❤

Thanks Jonas #HUGS


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