Like a waiter who’s carrying three plates just fine through the crowded restaurant when someone fires a dish towel at his face and he drops all three plates (and doesn’t catch the dish towel).
Don’t let me borrow your books
Jonas Ellison

I stumbled upon Amazon’s Wish List a month ago (slow poke, I know :P), but I love to spend a few minutes every other day salivating at my choices…knowing well that unless a millionaire takes pity on me and drops a generous amount in my bank account, I can’t buy them now :P

….like my puppy who flashes his (deceptively) innocent brown eyes at my husband, knowing very well that his stern male owner ain’t going to feed him that delicious pizza crust at the edge of the pizza takeout box.

YEP, he actually DROOLS and then whips out his fail-proof ammo — ME!!! I turn away, promising myself that I won’t fall for those gorgeous eyes again…(didn’t he just eat my dinner?!)

So he positions himself right in front of me, wagging his tail and convincing me — ESP like — to look at him….for the win! :P

I sigh and sink lower into my couch, my hand reaching for that pizza crust — flashing my 1000th apologetic smile at my irate husband — and feed my baby his favorite treat (oh dear — no wonder he is hitting 75 lbs :P )

Anyway, I need to find someone who melts at the sight of my not-so-limpid brown eyes (my husband ain’t falling for them anymore :P )hehehe

Thanks Jonas #HUGS


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