Look Within YOU

Note: This post was inspired by “Bring the Quiet With You.” Jonas Ellison is an insightful blogger whose elegant, empowering, encouraging, and enlivening missives brighten my every morning.

Dear Kit

This morning was beautiful.

You didn’t think that the sky could turn so many shades of blue at the same time, did you?!

It was like a child took a bucket of blue paint and splashed it gleefully across a blank, white canvas….letting the colors settle where they may….and how they may…
Patches of dark blue — cloudless, spotless, blemishless — dominated the vast nowhere….
Then a blend of blue and white, the white wisps of cirrus clouds hesitantly making their way in- like a 5 year old who wants to mingle with his older siblings’ friends— hovering at the edges, straining to find out what’s going in, eager to join.
And finally…the sparkling sunshine took over and enveloped an entire segment of the endless sky in her arms — her puppy-soft, honey-hued arms. You could see nothing but a splotch of white, with extremely light blue contouring her glamorous beauty.

GORGEOUS, right?

I saw you stop and stare at this awe-inspiring spectacle for a whole five minutes — awash with gratitude — as the aromas from the cafe tickled your nose and the crisp chillness kissed your arms.

Even the barren branches looked majestic in the face of such PURE beauty…like smart sentinels guarding their kingdom of joy.

You could taste, smell, and touch the Spring in the air.
Your worries fell with a thud onto the clean sidewalks….and you just WERE.
Content. Grateful. ECSTATIC.

Then a cold breeze stung your neck and broke your daydreams.

And JUST LIKE THAT, you heartlessly dumped your unsullied joy, hunched your shoulders, buttoned your coat, and marched into the cafe for your customary cuppa coffee — the aromas no longer kindling your senses.

Your bliss broke in a blink.
Your headache returned.
Your heart buckled under stress.

You just wanted to get out of there and run into your warm car

Can I tell you a secret now?

I didn’t care.

Even as you let the azure skies, rustling leaves, and fresh fragrances melt away your woes, I rolled my eyes, sunk deeper into my lounge chairs, and sipped on my delicious margarita.

Weather has never — nor will it ever — affect me.

I don’t care whether the world is dappled in somber shadows or decked in cheery colors.

I don’t care whether the sidewalks are icy or the roads are buried under inches of snow.

I don’t care whether the wet sky shoots arced darts down or the clouds shudder at the roar of thunder.

You know why?

Because I don’t need an “IDEAL” outside to feel INSPIRED inside.

My mood is not a slave to any unpredictable conditions — such as the ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-active weather.

Does that mean I never feel pain, anger or guilt? NOT AT ALL!

You burden me with too many demands — you want me to show up and help you whenever you want and wherever you want.

Your selfishness enrages me.

I cry, I flail, I curse, I swear, I mope.

But when my emotions threaten to overwhelm, I immediately take refuge in my merry place — here, I am ALWAYS at peace and in love. I can conjure this space ANY TIME.

And so can — and SHOULD — you.

Listen to me, darling.

There IS a place within you — deep inside, buried under mounds of clutter and craziness — that is cozy, colorful, and calm. You don’t need an invite to get in.

The fireplace is lit, the cushions are fluffed, the blanket is warm, the coffee is brewing, the wind-chimes are clinking.….

All this place needs is YOU — to lay repose on the comfy couch as your expectations, your greed, your envy, your tension, your negativity fade away.

Will you check out your secret den the next time something external tries to browbeat you into submission - for ME?

Close your eyes, smile, and imagine yourself flying into your ‘cave of comfort.’

With patience and practice, you wouldn’t need a scented cherry blossoms and clear skies to smile. You will become a magician who can just snap her fingers and and evoke her OWN world of solitude, satisfaction and SERENITY.

STOP being a slave to factors that are out of your control, my love. Don’t attach conditions to your happiness.

Are you game?

Until later…

Your Muse

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