One At a Time

Dear Kit….

You are restless — I can sense it.

You are also annoyed, irritated, and a tad depressed.

Clearly, you have lost motivation to write the couple of articles that are due this week.

Your mind has fast-forwarded to the cooking, cleaning, packing, shopping, hair-cutting, and manicuring that need to be completed over the weekend before you leave for India.

You will only have four days from Friday evening to tackle ALL your unfinished home projects….not to forget that one article, which had to be scraped because it sounded self-centered. (although you know why it is tripping you, right? Write to EXPRESS, dah-ling. Stop trying to impress!)

You are living in the future, friend.

Take a deep breath and come back to the HERE AND NOW.

The clock ticks — one second at a time
The days fold into each other — one 24-hour cycle at a time
The seasons ebb and flow — one month at a time….
So should your articles fire up on the screen — one word at a time.

Just focus on picking and penning one word — the preening and polishing can come later.

Here and NOW — that’s real — the HERE AND NOW!

Until later

Your Muse

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