Rejuvenate Your Senses

Dear Kit

I sense some tension in your body.

Your shoulders are hunched. Your legs are jiggling. Your hands are hurting.

Hmm…worried about the two articles that are due on Monday morning? You know, the ones you haven’t yet started working on. And the two more than are due by Wednesday evening? Also ones that you haven’t started writing?

Darling — if I know you, this isn’t the first time you have pushed things to the last minute, have ya?!

Procrastinators like you live for clacking the keyboard at 3 am on the day of the deadline.

But worrying about your incomplete articles isn’t going to help you complete them faster.

You know what you need right now?

A break.

Go outside and sit on your patio, friend.

There you are — good.

Do you see the dry leaves fluttering around like dainty butterflies? They are spreading their wings and soaring away, away, away…oh, here they come back.

Pretty, huh?!

Are you enchanted by the antics of the coy sun — peaking out like a blushing bride only to quickly disappear behind its puffy grey curtain when you look up?!

Do you hear the growl of the wind as it sweeps across your open backyard? It sounds like a high tide crashing against huge boulders on a full moon night, right?!

Why don’t you take a minute to watch your puppy — Oreo — chasing squirrels with as much abandon as you devour a new episode of your favorite show? Doesn’t the twitching of his tail make you laugh out loud?
Listen to the chirping birds that have liberated themselves from the prison of winter and are already rehearsing their mellifluous songs of spring.

Look up!

Did you see the bare branches being sliced into two by the gushing breeze?

Oh no — did you just get whipped on your left shoulder by one of those flying twigs?!

Do I ‘hear’ you smiling?

You are having fun, aren’t you?!

When life FEELS burdensome, take a minute to step out and reconnect with the unfinished, unvarnished, unpolished beauty of nature, dah-ling. Delight in the sights, smells, sounds, and textures of our Mother.

Close your eyes, spread your arms and hug the scintillating beauty around you….

There, the empty air is wrapping you back in its comforting embrace.
There, I hear you take two deep breaths.
There, I see your eyelids flutter with blissful exhaustion.

This is better than any guided meditation, eh?!

Go take a nap now and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to spend 8 more hours in front of your computer. .

Ooh — the blushing bride just winked at you.

Until later, sweetie

Your Muse