Sit with them in that space. Look as deeply as you can to see the part of them that’s red-hot at that moment. Like fire, its embers glow and crackle as they sob
It will never be okay (and that’s just fine)
Jonas Ellison

WOW — can I give you a #CushyHUG?

My cousin was taken away from us at age 28 — 15 years ago. The pain dulls, dimishes, but NEVER DIES — and, you know what, it SHOULDN’T because you CARE.

And caring is GOOD — GREAT, in fact!

Nobody should apologize for feeling TOO MUCH — that’s not to say that everyone should walk on ‘pins and needles’ around you….’s just to say that being vulnerable is a sign of compassion and courage.

(despite the silly stigmas against tears — strong men and women don’t cry…bull…they are the ones who DO cry — the tears might not roll down their cheeks, but their insides are mushy with so much love!)

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