And this is in a world where it’s already typical for people to make pronouncements about their mental health all the time (I’m so OCD, I act so bipolar, I’m so depressed!, and such). We also very freely make declarations about the mental health of people we don’t like (he’s such a retard, she’s so schizophrenic, he’s insane), and of public figures (like, say, Kanye). But even setting aside the danger from normalising these “professional” opinions, dropping the Goldwater rule as an ethical guideline puts us all at risk of three great dangers.
Professional opinions on Trump’s mental health are a bad idea
Doc Ayomide

Very well put. I believe a modern sickness is the idea that each of us should be an expert on everything. Instead of saying the more reasonable “he seems insane,” almost everyone jumps to the oh-so-easier “he’s insane.” Even there, it’s not without much real thought that many of us declare these judgments.

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