Jack: Mr Krack?
Mr. Krack: Yes.
Jack: More and more people are finding it difficult to sleep naturally in modern times?
Mr. Krack: Yes. They are using alternative methods to sleep, such as drinking, medicines or other ways.
Jack: And, It seems some ‘hoomans’ are able to sleep quite naturally?
Mr. Krack: I would say yes. Even animals and birds also can do so in the natural course.
Jack: Then why are some ‘hoomans’ more prone to loosing their ability to sleep?
Mr. Krack: I cannot say.
Jack: Is it because lack of physical and mental exercise? I mean all the smart-gadgets are designed in a way which requires minimal physical or mental activity to use them?
Mr. Krack: Perhaps, you are right, they are “Smart” gadgets.
Jack: Mr. Krack, can I ask one more question please? Or may be a couple?
Mr. Krack: Yes, what is it? 
Jack: Do you think wrong lifestyles have anything to do with sleeplessness?
Mr. Krack: Yes, because I think wrong lifestyle brings in burdened conscience.
Jack: So, a clear conscience, you mean is the quietest pillow?
Mr. Krack: Perhaps, you are right.