Fight the fright — with The Good Dinosaur

This expression of thoughts may seem a bit late. Particularly when the shelf life of a good movie is determined by the expectations from the next blockbuster, and the hype fades from memories. The relevance however, holds as much ground as it did when this gem of a movie from Pixar came out.

Can’t help talking about The Good Dinosaur. One of those movies which linger on in your mind much after you leave the cinema hall. A film which drives home the basic life lesson of keeping alive the fighting spirit in beautifully presented animated emotions.

So what is the kid in us treated to. Here goes:

Each character stands out (how I love that gritty-li’l-independent-sharp-innocent-cute kid), and so do a number of scenes. The one between Arlo and Spot where they talk about their families (my favourite), to that where Spot 'begins' the morning, and the one where the night suddenly becomes a fountain of fireflies with a swoosh of the tail, or that one where Spot gets awestruck as he is swung over the clouds, or when they blow the furry spherical gophers all at once, to the ultimate fight against the pterodactyls. The list goes on. It’s amazing how they depict so much emotion with the eyes.

So while the adult in you knows that the principal characters are gonna fight tough and win their battles, the child in you leans forward feeling one with them, identifying with their emotions, and celebrating victory ultimately. Looking back, you then do admire how each little moment of everyday life is presented in the most appealing package.

Go take your Momma, Poppa, kids, friends, whoever you can take along. Genuinely a better watch than the excuses they call films these days. Dang it!! Hope they come up with a sequel with the spotlight on Spot.

And don’t miss the beginning. I did!!