Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Tale of A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her…
Kayla Renee Parker

Ms. Parker —

I’m so proud of you! (is that weird?) Standing up to a professor is so incredibly hard — it’s a jarring event to realize that a supposed role model is feeding into something hateful and demeaning because professors don’t just represent themselves, they represent the university and the trust that you’ll have in other professors. When you stood up to her, you stood up against something so much bigger than yourself. I can’t believe the uni had your back, too, that’s so rare! You’re so young, yet you stood up to her so bravely and so rationally! Go you! Don’t ever stop being you!

And to those haters below: While I’m sure we can all appreciate some cherry picked quotes, please notice the most-highlighted quote of the essay:

“When white people refuse to use their privilege and voice to fight against a society that disproportionately victimizes people of color, they are in fact contributing to a racist and unjust society”.

The professor’s racism didn’t lay in her skin color, it lay in the fact that she was participating in white privilege.

PS — I watched your Facebook live and did this lady seriously describe Frederick Douglas as “articulate”???