Yebo, is a company that makes energy bars from the fruit of the coffee plant. In the early days of coffee consumption, Ethiopian shepherds would bind the coffee fruit into a bar for easy consumption in the highlands. In the current economy, the fruit is usually discarded when the coffee bean is harvested, creating an incredible amount of waste. By using the coffee cherry as the basis for a protein bar, Yebo puts this nutrient rich food to use, and gives coffee farmers an additional income. For the company brand and packaging design, Yebo wanted something that would be both traditionally African but also bright, bold and modern. A variety of African source materials were researched for shape, color and pattern, including Ndebele architecture, Malian carving and west African wax cloth (my fav). The final packaging design aimed to pay tribute to the continent’s incredible visual traditions, while providing a bold shelf presence that demands consumer attention. FYI Yebo is generally recognized as another way of saying “YES!” Facebook Instagram (Illustrator : Alexander Vidal)
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