Humour Writing First Draft

The year is 2016. Mostly gone are the days of “yolo” and “swag”, and born from the ashes of is a plethora of even expressions that make you want to jump into an active volcano. Regardless of your level of education or intellect, the goal of this nonsensical jargon is to make yourself sound as vapid as possible. Depth of character is just more crap to wade through while you’re absent mindedly scrolling through your twitter feed.

“It’s lit” and “on fleek” are expressions that a person will come across when the subject of the sentence is something to be revered or celebrated. Lit is usually used to describe a subject or a place. For example, if a social gathering is lit, it is likely that there would be copious amounts of alcohol and teenage shenanigans involved. “On fleek” is typically used to describe a person and their physical characteristics. Things that can be on fleek include but are not limited to: eyebrows, high heels, purses, make-up contouring, and outfits. “On point” is an expression that is synonymous with on fleek; even the trendiest of terms quickly become outdated and require altering.

A term frequently uttered by the generation of meaningless jargon is “fuck boy.” The vulgarity of the term conjures up a degree of merit all on its own, but the definition of the fuck boy goes beyond the two simple words. A fuck boy can take many forms. He can be the douchebag in the “Obey” sweatshirt and skinny jeans vaping on the corner of the street. He can be the guy who’s always texting at least six girls at a time. What is most interesting about the fuck boy is his fluidity; any member of the male gender can be a fuck boy. The fuck boy is essentially any boy who does anything shitty to a girl, ever. There is no direct female binary for the term “fuck boy”, however if a female presents undesirable characteristics or behaves in a way that is not collectively accepted by the “it” group, she may be referred to as “basic”. No, contrary to what you might be thinking, this terminology has nothing to do with chemistry or really anything that could be considered intellectual. The basic and the fuck boy will come together in a love that is based entirely on texting, and will call each other “bae” to show affection on social media. This is what we call “Relationship Goals.”

2016 has born a generation that doesn’t watch MTV anymore, but is still expected to be familiar with the MTV lifestyle and what it means to be “trending”. We still listen to Justin Bieber, but only when his hair is just right. You can find us at music festivals with high-waisted shorts on and flower crowns. We’re not a particularly active bunch, but you can bet that when we do slip on our roots sweat pants over top of our teeny-tiny Adidas shorts and head to the gym, we will do more instagramming than actual physical exercise. We will spend all night on our phones snap-chatting and captioning our photos about how much fun we’re having, instead of actually being present for the event. We will tweet vague passive aggressions to alert others that we are upset.

This generation isn’t necessarily the millennial generation, but is comprised of members of the millennial generation. We are a generation with a wide range of social and technological advantages, and yet we illustrate this by communicating only in emojis. We have learned so much from the generations before us but this would seem untrue after a quick glance at the grammatical errors in our Facebook statuses. In an age of information, we have access to knowledge at our finger tips. For a group that should muster a fair degree of intellect, we sure go out of our way to prove the opposite.

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