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The problem with Google Stadia isn’t that people won’t adopt it. The problem is that they will. And when game streaming is as ubiquitous as video streaming is, games as we know them will be gone.

I want to start by going back in time.

When I was a kid, seven years old to be exact, I got a Gameboy Advance for my birthday. The little unit wasn’t great — you couldn’t see to play in the car at night because the screen wasn’t backlit, and the two AA batteries would often give out about halfway to wherever we were going. But it worked, and I used it to play my copy of Pokemon Ruby I got with the Gameboy. I have put over 500 hours into the game to date, along with a few hundred more in the other games from that generation, Sapphire and Emerald. I can recognize the battle music still and I can rattle off most of the Pokemon available in the Pokedex to this day. …

Kraig McFadden

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