I want THAT!!!

Do you ever have that thought..or perhaps even said it out loud? I bet you have. We all have, right?

For example, imagine that cute pair of shoes you saw yesterday.

Yep, those are the ones. Or what about the really, REALLY cute outfit you saw on Polyvore… you are certain your closet NEEDS all of it!

I wonder if this is how Pinterest was born?

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, don’t go looking for it! (I beg you.) If you think Facebook is a time drainer, Pinterest is the black hole. (Seriously.)

You see, for those of us who have already been sucked in, Pinterest is the land of cute outfits you will never wear, projects you will never make time to create, recipes that look so very good (but you will never cook)…and that’s just for starters.

You know what we all are?

We are hoarders.

There, I said it. What else could it be? Think I’m wrong?

Let’s just reflect a minute, shall we? I dare you to open your Pinterest boards and delete 3 pins from each board you have created. Can’t do it? (I can hear it now…”oh, I can’t delete that one…I may need to braid my daughters hair like that and will never find this again!”)

Then, you move over to the cooking board you made…hmm, surely I can clean out a few of these recipes! Here’s one! “Nope, I need that for the next church potluck.” This one! Yes! “Wait… this is a variation of of a dish I already make and I need to try this to see if its better.” Well, scratch recipes.

Moving on to crafts….I’m sure there is something here I can delete. Trends change and this board was started 8 years ago…there are 2.987 pins….this will be a piece of cake!! (Scanning the pins….) ” Oh that is SOOO cute! I want to make that for my friends-daughters-cousins-neighbors housewarming party next month.” Oh, and this one! “I wanted to make this for the centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I know I can get it done by next year!!”

Before you know it, you have the mental equivalent of having too many tabs open on your computer. Anxiety ensues. How can I part with any of this?? I NEED it. All of it.

The thing we have overlooked here is that we lived a fine life before Pinterest. We don’t NEED any of it. We WANT…not NEED. I think we have let ourselves get confused by these verbs. On top of that, we have let it rob us of our joy. We feel defeated by all we haven’t done or haven’t accomplished.

Who in the world sold us on all of this? Who convinced us that we are the only ones not getting it all done? Who? (Seriously, who? I think I can assemble a group pretty quick to nip this whole thing in the bud.)

This is real life. We don’t get it all done. We don’t have unlimited time. We mess up. We make mistakes. There is something else we don’t do and we really need to stop.

Like, TODAY.

We don’t see what the fullness or richness our lives are already composed of.

You see, I don’t NEED what the world says I need…not the internet, not the Facebook posts that are basically fake, not the commercials. They don’t know me…or you.

You know what I need? I need my husband’s great smile every day. I need the mischievous twinkle in his eyes and his laugh.

It’s things like that which make the world go round.

Find what you truly NEED and there will be your #joyinthemoment. Every. Single. Moment.

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