They interview stakeholders inside the company — more peoples’ time & company money wasted. They accumulate a laundry list of things wrong with or missing from today’s solution. Then they start expanding bullets into paragraphs and pages with what the new and improved website, app, platform, portal, etc will do differently. In their research, they stumble across jargon like CMS, open source, HTML5, responsive and API which find their way into the Technical Requirements section. Finally, they propose how long the work should take, which they need to guess at since they’re experts in fields other than digital.
How to replace RFPs with design sprints.
Jay Melone

How to fight this when you know it’s wrong, but that’s all the users/stakeholders know to give you? Are we asking the wrong questions? Should we start with, “What goal would you like to achieve that you don’t have right now?”

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