Want to learn JavaScript ?
Vincent O

Wow, this is a great post, and extremely helpful. I jumped right into a framework a year ago to build a web app, with a good basis in HTML and CSS, but only rudimentary JS, and I’ve been getting frustrated that after a year I still feel like I’m having to look up everything I want to do, and I believe it’s because I didn’t know how to think in JavaScript. I’ve watched dozens of videos and gone through many “tutorials” but found them almost all lacking in actually establishing good foundations. A resource I’ve found to be really helpful lately is Treehouse, which is very dynamic and gives you lots of opportunity to put to use what is discussed in the videos.

Also, just found this book, which, in addition to the YDKJ books you suggested, I may have to get, called “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” (http://www.asmarterwaytolearn.com/)