Being scared to face the difficulties of life does not mean that you are not courageous, courage means that you do not give up despite of being scared. I have yet to see a successful person who does not have fear, but i have also yet to see a successful person give up because of his fears. Fear is a natural emotion, giving up based on this emotion is what is unnatural.

Look at being afraid as a first step towards doing something really brave. Something that will change your life. Something that will transform you into a better person for the future. Once you face your fears you will see the magic of tests turning into testimonies for others to follow from your life example. You will witness your messes become messages for yourself and an inspiration for others. The problems of life are to make you stronger not to stop you from living. Seeing a successful person and watching him accomplish feats after feats does not give you the entire picture clearly. You do not live in his ind and can not read his thoughts. What you have to realize is that even the most successful of people have fears, inhibitions, doubts, but they face them. The only way to succeed is to face what makes you scared.

The secret of happiness is courage and the secret of courage is action and the secret of action is determination to face your fears. What good are wings if you do not have to courage to fly. Ships are always safe at the harbour but ships are not built to stay at the harbour, they are built to conquer the storms and get to their destinations. Decades ago my Italian friend, Victor, an 80 year old man sat in my office and told me that the mess you are in today Ali, will be a message for the world within years, i may or may not be there to see it but the world will, only if you do not give up right now. It was the most painfully beautiful thing anybody had said to me. Painful because Victor is no longer in this world but beautiful because it came true.

I have cried into the pillow at night. I have slept the entire night with nightmares of things going wrong the next day. I have wanted to crawl into the corner and give up. I have had doubts, fears, self discouragement, i have faced everything hundreds of times before i went to sleep at night but never have i woken up with those fears and doubts and discouragements. Whenever the sun rose the next morning, so did i. With a new determination to turn my tests into testimonies and messes into messages for myself to witness and for others to be inspired from. If i can do it, so can you.

Credits: #MirMak

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