Jonas AKA Krakov Dream

Krakov Dream
3 min readJul 12, 2022


Traditional Artist | NFT Artist

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Hello. I’m Jonas: a Portuguese being, with a fine-arts degree and a few years frequency in design.

I draw. I paint. I do this.

Tired of being asked to contextualize my works with some meaning here it goes: i do it because they are me, while i’m painting i’m thinking about my life, nevertheless i’m evolving with it, and they are evolving with me.

I see, i feel, i scroll, i smile, i go back to my paintings …the blur dissipates and i smile again.

This is my path. Not more. Not less.

Conceptual artists often point my work as “illustrations” of the subconscious. It lacks medium conception, support explorations and predetermined gesture maneuvers. I know. The process is practical, not theoretical.

I paint, i draw, most of my works start with human shapes or geometrical shapes/spaces, and then… i keep adding layers and destroying the inner soul of each artwork, injecting cultural and social concerns that may explode at any moment. The composition balance walks along with process as it is heavily determined by the lack of breeding area, however, the forms and colors align and rest in peace as they stand together. I see them as micro-societies bond together in a overcrowded island of filth.

The plastic language obviously has many influences. Nevertheless, it’s my own. I absorb, i create. So it changes as we all move forward.

Father of the most precious daughter, married (contemporary style) with the most supporting and caring wife. Geometry teacher. Reserved and confused by the surroundings. I’m not perfect and most of the time i’m not nice… I usually need to be overwhelmed by someone’s soul to get interested and start a conversation and follow their work (most of the time in the shadows)

Presentation made.

Hope you like my artworks.

If you don´t i´d like to know why, maybe a new perspective can open a different path to my line of works. Feel free to DM me on Twitter.