{the story of questions and the others}

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a young woman, freshly eighteen. Still a high school student, middle child. Growing up was(and still is) both scary and exciting. Maybe there was an error on the very beginning, or perhaps she bounced her head so hard that one summer, all the cells in her brain decided to shift. And that's how she ended up here. Instead of big dreams and aspirations, she had big questions. And they were growing with each day, hour, breath.

Why do young people fall for empty hate so easily?
Why do we trust an obvious lie instead of proven facts?
Is future the reason for anxiety whithin the young comunity?
Can we help each other out? Is creativity the key?

No one around her knew. That's why she is here. Hoping, that sharing her thoughts, experience and worries could help her find the right people with the right questions (while she already knows, that there is no such a thing as an answer to those questions, just better questions, closer to the truth that each one before).

Wanna help me out? Give me an opportunity to work with young people and media influencers, politicians or managers, teachers and chefs. All I need is people with a story, opinion and enthusiasm. Change is inevitable. Creativity is the way.

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