5 Secrets To Being Heard Online

It’s been said that online marketing can bring you better returns than traditional marketing.

But, what’s the insider secrets to maximizing your spend?

That is precisely what I will cover in this article.

Here are my 5 secrets to getting more from your online marketing efforts and investments:

  1. Create Lead-Bait, and then blast your audience with automated emails.

The best advice I can give you is to create engaging content that people enjoy reading. The term “Lead-Bait” is inherited from the “fishing” reference. When you want to catch a fish, you tempt them with a worm. Similarly, if you want to catch new clients online, you need to first offer them something attractive in exchange for their email.

When you’re thinking about what kind of content you want to create for your business, the last thing you want to do is write titles like “5 reasons you should buy my product.”

Once people give you their email, you can use services like Mailchimp to send them automatic emails. Use automated emails to nurture those leads, and develop their trust in your brand.

2. Use Branded Links.

There are a lot of great link shorteners out there. My favorite is Clkim, because it comes with a lot of great added features that are super helpful (such as: the ability to measure clicks and conversions via link tracking,and the ability to create full-page ads which launch on click).

Here’s an example: heyo.amp-it-up.co/share-it

By using their Chrome Extension, I can shorten any link on the web with my branded domain (in this case: “heyo.amp-it-up.co”).

3. Tell a story.

Marketers need to think like storytellers.

One of my all-time favorite articles about marketing is “5 things that FRIENDS TV series and your Content Marketing strategies should have in common”

Check it out here: heyo.amp-it-up.co/friends

It stresses the importance of having a recurring plot in your marketing content — create lively characters, inspire your audience, give them hope. Make them laugh. Make them cry.

A dull soul leads to dull content. Be you. Your audience will love you for it.

As Maximus was told in the movie Gladiator: “Win the crowd, and you shall win your freedom.” I would amend that to: “Win the crowd and you shall win more sales.”

4. Research Trending Content.

Services like Buzzsumo allow you to search the Social Media Sphere by “keywords” for Trending Content. In the below example, I searched for trending content with the words “cowboy boots” in it.

I can see the most popular articles on that topic, plus how many times each article got shared on each network. This can be very valuable because it teaches you which network has people interested in your product or service.

5. Gmail is awesome.

One of the great barriers to creating great content is the feeling of being overwhelmed, and spreading yourself thin.

That’s why I believe everything begins and ends with your Gmail account.

You can separate your Gmail layout to stay organized and focused on your prioritized goals.

I once read a book about how to increase your memory. It stated that you should get into a meditative state and imagine yourself in a big hall. Every new memory should then be placed in a specific drawer.

Your Gmail inbox is that big hall. I use it to send myself long email chains. There is plenty of storage room there, I can insert photos and videos, and best of all: I can re-access those ideas via search no matter where I am, or which device I’m using.


Ba-bam! Uh! That was good. Until next time, be you, be cool, be true.

This is Elisha Kramer, signing out.