Let’s Counsel Children

Now that doesn’t sound so bad…does it?

Some may think otherwise. Personally, I find it amusing that public school systems would even consider getting rid of school guidance counselors. Who’s going to be there when a child is having trouble at home? Who’s going to be there when the child is being bullied? Who is going to be there when a child brings a gun to school? Whoa, that escalated quickly. But let’s think logically here. Yes, teachers and parents are perfectly capable of handling a problem a student may have. But who went to school to study Psychology? Who received their masters degree in Counseling? Now each guidance counselor’s education track is going to be different, but you get the idea. These angels from above specialize in dealing with a student and whatever may be eating away at them.

“Counselors are even more important today than they have ever been,” — Principal Brian Martin, Ross High School, Ohio

The above quote says it all. Why get rid of counselors now, when we see on the news that students are bringing guns to school and students are being bullied? Somebody has to be specialized in how to speak with these children so they don’t explode, freak out, or run away from their problems. Students need a safe place, away from the classroom and away from home, in order to let all of their troubles fade away. A counselor will say, “Let me help you”, “Let’s figure it out”, “Let it all out”. So please, I beg of you. Support school guidance counselors, understand that they are important, and allow your children to get the help they need through this crazy, beautiful, confusing world.

Quote: Michael D. Clark, The Cincinnati Enquirer. (2014, March 23). As need for school counselors grows, numbers decrease. Retrieved September 23, 2015, from http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/23/as-need-for-school-counselors-grows-numbers-decrease/6759591/

Image: https://nabilafirass.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/kids_silhouette.png

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