The IoT as the only solution to Climate Change

We are an endangered species on a planet that is of course not in trouble. For Earth this Climate Change is fully indifferent; just another cold. Other species will prosper, men will go. Big deal.

Some people however think it is important that mankind stays for some reason. These people can be found in all walks of life, in all subcultures and religions.

If we want to give these people an organized set of answers and a potential solution it is vital that they understand the current drivers of technology. Monitoring all objects on the planet for energy efficiency, creating sustainable, locally repairable and self healing basic generic infrastructures to sustain the complex and overly intricate needs of the (feeble and demanding) human body: water, food, clothing, shelter, medication, and care and mind: stories, distraction, meaning, love and shame and friendship. The resources it takes to make a single person happy!

The Internet of Things then is the only possible solution to Climate Change and all its consequences.
That is an indisputable fact.
Facts, however, are strange animals. Mere datafied rhetorical building blocks. Once they could be disguised as coming from the Prophets or the Oracle. Facts are only recognized for what they are to ‘pure’ intelligences; read people who are blessed or cursed with a very thorough understanding of and in a particular range. Some are good in reading up people nearby, some are good at sounding out potential occurences miles away and/or years ahead.

It is extremely different in current circumstances, in the network, to create a somewhat unified set of arguments; the fragmentation is ubiquitous. It is rare to find periods that have done better, but at least the ancient Greeks tried to break down the real work of pure intelligences into three frameworks that informed and supported each other.

In the philosophy of Aristotle there are three domains of knowledge with three corresponding states of knowing; Theoria, Techné and Praxis. 
In Theoria and epistéme we recognize our concepts theory and epistemology. In Techné with its domain of knowledge poèsis we find technology and poetry. The original meaning of the word ‘technology’ was concerned with know-how or method. Only with the Great Exhibition of 1851 it becomes attached to machines. It is therefore all the more interesting that the domain of knowledge which belonged to Praxis: phronesis has dropped out. Phronesis, that knowledge that any one of us uses daily in the practice of living his everyday existence, was not recognized as an important domain of knowledge with a modern linguistic equivalent.

This is an important shift and it explains our current situation. There is no organic bond between the pure intelligences that make up the full knowledge framework: the theoria thinkers, the techno system developers and praxis philosophers. All three of them are necessary to create full and rich trust frameworks and stories for those intelligences that complete the knowledge framework in acting and doing and testing: the applied episteme trial and error, the particulate type of techniques (applications and services) in poesis and the daily knowledge of the way the weather affects the people and animals and saying hello to that neighbor in the street or ‘performing’ that cake recipe of your grandmpother.

It all needs to come together. A society is not a society if one part is missing.

Especially a society that has simplified its vision on action and doing and thinking in the relationship between theory and practice, which was never a juxtaposition. Losing the detailed and intricate relationships between three types of intelligences that stand NEXT to each other and are EQUALLY important has caused all the confusion that we feel.

We are now living in times where all three are fundamentally ripped apart. No wonder there is so little joy.

This need to make this ’simple’, ‘concrete’ and ‘easy’ has fueled the current political systems. No langer able to hide the fact that this simplicity is flawed and their systems are dying they can only go on a path of destruction, alongside all kinds of horror visions of the future.

There is no need for that at all. If we accept the reality of the situation and the fact that we have a solution by turning Earth fully into the cybernetic spaceship it already is (as a drifting object in space) then all we need to do is to align the three groups of theory, technology and practices and their constituencies: applied reasoning, applications and services and making into one coherent story.

In that analysis there need be no negativity, why? There is a situation and a possible remedy. If it fails the original scenario of gradually more loss of the anthropocene will simply be a reality. If it works there is a new situation and a new balance between the three human intelligences that could blend maybe into one and the capabilities of machine learning.

It is of course easy to write this, but difficult to make it happen.

In earlier iterations, before the network it was indeed still possible that a fourth intelligence, let’s say life itself or the notion of becoming, aletheia, created an experiential second chance, a moment that could act as a catalyst to create a temporary new beginning alongside the feeling of being forgiven for all deeds carried out under the previous ‘wicked’ spell. In the network, fragmented as it is, this is no longer possible. We can only count on an awakening of that potentiality within people themselves.

Therefor the best course of action now is to be calm, nice and kind to everyone and small at strangers in the street. You never know who are what you trigger into action.