How India Is Generating Cheap & Skilled Labor Every Year?

The World is still confused with the emerging indian labor in almost every fields of labor force, especially into IT & Technology Field.

Almost every year, more than 3 million skilled indians are exported to various countries in various fields, out of which almost 2 million are into IT Technology.

How India Is Achieving this?

There are various reasons which one can come to know by digging deep in indian education system, Where here we think are the top 4:

First of all, Every Indian has a basic english speaking & writing skills which 40 times better than any english non-speaking country such as china, russia, japan etc which helped getting focus of US Employers with their effective communication. Considering the fact that english is a primary language in india included as part of syllabus since kindergarten.

Secondly, Practical orientated trainings helped indians achieve more skill rather than being theoretical to achieve a bright career in IT Field. The educational system in india taught people get into IT as more jobs are being created for them in this field rather than others.

More of more people are migrating using skilled visa due to misgrowth conditions such as corruption, poor infrastructure, made confusion of skilled minds about the growth of their career in india.

This report is analysed by, A IT Training institute in India.