Anmol Kaur Bawa

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In continuation with the previous article enlisting the problematic aspects of The Transgender Persons(Protection of Rights) Bill 2016

4. Demand for seats among the OBC section :

Lately the with the judgement of the Supreme court, the Transgender community has raised an essential demand of right to prospective opportunities and livelihood. Due to the years of societal suppression and denial of financial independency, the transgender community claims to be entitled to the special provisions laid for the Other Backward Classes in the economic, social and political realms.

Chapter 2 of the Bill on Prohibition of certain Acts

Anmol Kaur Bawa

Design Courtesy: Siddhartha Sankar for

Introduce yourself. Go on…elaborate! Easy-peasy right? Telling about yourself, your identity is a sheer cake walk for most,isn’t it ? But what about a person, who is, DEFINED as a ‘transgender person’, it implies a person who is:

(A) neither wholly female nor wholly male; or (B) a combination of female or male; or (C) neither female nor male; and whose sense of gender does not match with the gender assigned to that person at the time of birth, and includes transmen and transwomen, persons with intersex variations and gender-queers. “

Surely in the aforementioned introduction, confusion…

Sadaf Vidha

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Like a lot of Muslim women out there, I was really happy when I read about the ban on Triple Talaq. I had heard of many relatives who had faced problems because of this, as the husband would utter the three “talaqs” based on his whims and fancies and the woman was often left in a lurch. According to Islam, between the utterance of the three “talaqs”, there has to be a waiting period of 6 months each so that the couple could work on their issues. The point of this waiting period was to ensure that the…

Neelesha Dhawan

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“Look! it is a photojournalism project!, I HAVE to go!”. I exclaimed dragging a poor friend along, pushing open the door. For a person who is not an avid newspaper reader, this exhibition banner outside Triveni was very inviting.

Entering the hall, I entered a whole different era, it seemed. January 2011. Tahrir Square. Cairo, Egypt. Different shades of crimson, intertwined with black. Slideshows and slideshows of pictures. What IS this place? Hoards and hoards of people, bloodshed and body parts strewn about the landscape. Mothers with children clasped to their bosoms. Men with grime-smeared faces. Torn clothes…

Poornima Mandpe

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A quintessential middle class housewife Sulochana from Virar becomes a star Radio Jockey after an ordinary competition leads her to discovering her talent to appeal with a voice that can set the listeners’ heart racing with dreams of amorous adventures.

The primary listeners of her night show are, needless to say lonely men (overworked or without work) seeking moments of respite and pleasure.

Her domestic struggles before the stardom are typical- a spouse with an ordinary and low paying job, a son taking steps towards adolescence, and relatives who leave no stone unturned to chide her for her…

Rhea Dangwal

Tara Anand

Somewhere between lines and colour, artist and illustrator Tara Anand found the spectrum of her palette in intersectional feminism. The 19-year-old has since used her medium to create some amazing projects like a series on warrior women of the subcontinent called ‘I AM NO MAN’, another one exploring the origins of feminism in India, and even getting featured in Vogue India with her illustration of Savitribai Phule.

Anmol Kaur Bawa

A young feminist and lawyer-in-the-making explores the meaning of “Obscenity”.

Do your facebook posts dare to voice your political inclinations ? Love face-swapping on snapchat? Or enjoy the simple pleasures out of viewing porn? If your answer to all or any the questions is a yes, then my friend, you’re apparently a criminal under the very “instrumental” section 67 of the Information Technology Act,2000. Furthermore, if you somehow managed to gulp down the aforementioned, it shall be brought to your notice that the said section deals with “obscenity”. …

Neelesha Dhawan

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Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi, in collaboration with MASH Project teamed up for another steaming event in the city- The Mental Health Celebrations week. This two day event saw a vibrant population of young enthusiasts ready to unveil the veiled, the itching issues of mental health and LGBTQ community rights in our society.

The day began with a panel discussion around the theme of “Sorting Through Gender, Sex and Sexual Identity”. The panel of speakers included Mr. Rakesh Sharma, who sought to revolutionize the concept of molestation, rape and consent; one cycle ride at a time. …

Krishna Wagh

A young feminist’s journey to her feminist political awakening!

As a young woman from a relatively small town who had moved to Mumbai, I had been sufficiently warned by my parents about the different ways I may be harmed, ranging from not wearing open toe shoes in monsoon lest I get an infection to getting kidnapped in a taxi. My parents had never experienced “The Mumbai life” but were sure to watch crime patrol daily to alert me about anything from getting pickpocketed to sex trade. …

Sadaf Vidha

I was out buying some stationary, and I ran into a crowd of haggling mothers and loud children. I should have known, it was May and schools were just about to reopen. Everyone was rushing to buy books, pencils, pouches and bags.

One boy of maybe age 7, told his mom, ‘I want the bag with the Chotta Bheem photo on it. I want to be strong like him!’

His sister quipped in, ‘me too!’

And then he said, ‘chup kar stupid, girls can buy something which has Chutki’s photo on it. …


International grant winning multi-platform feminist organisation working towards UN SDGs 5, 11 and 16: Gender Equality & Peacebuilding through Technnovation.

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