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Are you a young feminist, itching to have your voice heard? Do you feel passionate about the systemic oppression of gender norms? Do you want to be the change you wish to see, but don’t know where to start?

Welcome to KrantiKali.

Founded in 2016, by Bhani Rachel Bali, we are an organization of young and fiery feminists working from different pockets of the country, ready to set some things straight in the world. Join hands as contributors for this blog, as we curate the gender revolution one article at a time. Here is a space for young writers, artists, genderqueer lovelies to take charge and get to speak what needs to be heard.


Email us at with your writing attached in a word doc, including the word “pitch” in the subject line along with a short blurb of your article in the email.

If the pitch is time-sensitive, please note this in the subject line as well. If you have a photo-essay or a video you want us to look at, send a short bio pitching it and we might take you up on your request!

We are a small, yet feisty team working from across the country so give us at least a week before we can respond to you. Due to the sheer volume of the work we receive and our own organizational style book, don’t be disheartened if we are not able to go forward with your pitch. We promise you feedback at the least!


We want your humour, wit, and good old-fashioned satire. We want your passion, your ideas, your personal revolutions. We publish originally reported features, interviews, long-form journalism, personal essays, book/film reviews from a feminist lens and multimedia of all shapes, sizes, and orientations as long as it’s yours, it’s not published elsewhere and it’s not high jacking someone else’s narrative.


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