With each person I cut off
I close myself a little more
It’s like a window being shut
From a wall of windows
And the views within/outside lost forever
Wiped of memory, feeling, emotion
A solid entangled mass
Of hollowness

Somewhere entangled in that hollowness though
There is a vague reflection
A blur
Of an untangled whole
And while the view from the windows might seem lost
Somewhere deep inside that vagueness
Lies the core that doesn’t need the small windows
A core that has no door to close
A core that has nothing to give nor to take
A vast expanse of eternal bliss

Through each of these small windows
I seek a glimpse of this eternal bliss
A desire to piece back the entangled mess
Only to be reminded time and time again
That it has been right there all along
And I need not open any window on the outside 
To look for something I already possess