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You can download CentOS versions here.

CentOS or Community Enterprise OS is an open source distribution based on RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This is available only if you’ve bought the support package. Moreover, all RHEL packages are fully compatible with CentOS, providing a robust, stable and easy to manage platform, ensuring the highest level of operational security for free.

CentOS is binary compatible with RHEL out of the box and is the preferred platform for server installations. One of the most valuable parts of CentOS is the long support cycle. While the release support cycles for Fedora, for…

“Creative Commons CryptoCard two factor.jpg” by Brian Ronald is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Until recently, Multi-factor Authentication and notably, Two-factor authentication (2FA) were appealing to all of us as a prevalent practice to protect us from the nuisance of varieties of phishing attacks.

After AT&T patented it for the first time in late 1995 and later implemented by Twitter in 2013, Multi-Factor Authentication methods used for defense from the nuisance of phishing attacks initiates a very positive notion throughout the information security professional community.

Unfortunately, just a few years later as early as late 2016 were published reports about different flows and weaknesses of Multifactor Authentication practices.

In 2017 the white hat hacker…

Cyber Attack

In my previous article I described a general information about what is phishing attack and basic tips how to protect ourselves from them.

This article I would review what options we have to use today’s technology to help us secure our data and protect ourselves from phishing attackers.

What are most popular ways to use a multi-factor authentication to help us to increase the strength of our systems security (computer, phone, etc.)?

To be able to answer this question first we need to define authentication: “…Authentication is, in an information security sense, the set of methods we use to establish…

Phishing attack

Let start with defining what “PHISHING ATTACK” is. One easy to understand definition of the phishing attack is:

“Phishing is misrepresentation where the criminal uses social engineering to appear as a trusted identity. They leverage the trust to gain valuable information; usually details of accounts, or enough information to open accounts, obtain loans, or buy goods through e-commerce sites.” (OWASP, 2018)

The common use of this type of attacks, are for attempting to gain access to a customer or organization, financial or confidential information, like social security numbers, bank account information, password and login credentials and similar.

Examples of phishing…

Xkcd.com. (2018). Password Strength. Retrieved from

It is known that we as humans struggle with remembering and managing multiple complicated passwords, that are required to access different applications on a daily basis. To comply with the latest cybersecurity requirements for passwords should be at least 8 characters, mix of both upper and lower case letters, at least one number, at least one special character’s (!@#$% etc.).

Furthermore, it is preferable to change our password every 90 days, and of course, don’t write it down, remember it instead. In theory, it sounds obvious to follow, in practice, is a complicated task to deal with.

Let’s look at…

When it comes to 3D Printing, most of us tend to relate that with engineering, construction, special industries and large arrays of consumer products. The reports about the application of 3D Printing and medical industry, including Healthcare often received with a positive note, and yet like a part of the distant future, frequently related with ongoing scientific research and experiments.

That aside, 3D Printing today already take a significant part of our Medical Industry and Healthcare. Some of the latest technology advances employ in that areas:

Dentistry, today a Dentist can provide customized service to their patients in just one…

3D Printing Technology advances today are dynamic and swift, to the extent of leaving us behind and unable to catch up with them. It was recently just a couple of years back in time when 3D Printing Technology was still serving only a narrow circle of scientists and high-end corporate research, and those few 3D Printers available to the public were not much different from an expensive toy.

Today, we face the new reality of the 3D Printing Technology, like:

- “IKEA Using Body-Scanner & 3D-Printer to Design Customized Ergonomic Chair for Gamers”[i]

- Dutch Railways Replacing Broken Train Parts…

Privacy — definition: “The state of being alone, or the right to keep one’s personal matters and relationships secret” (Cambridge English Dictionary)[i].

In the last ten years the sense of common privacy evolved under the influences of the rapid development of the latest technology, social media and the Internet.

As part of my professional experience in the past twenty or so years, I don’t feel that “user tailored internet”, editing the web with social media tools or manipulation of the online content is a news or unknown to me.

Furthermore, I use many subcomponents of what was discussed at the…

AR/VR/MR or Augmented reality — that is, the technology that add to real life experiences or RR (real reality) computer generated image representations. Example of Augmented reality is Microsoft’s HoloLens; Virtual reality — that when the individual is insulated from the real life in full and all that can be experienced is virtually created by technology artificially. …

Krasimir Vatchinsky

For over thirty-five years, I acquired skills and knowledge to enhance myself, and those whom I help, in Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security, Software Development

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