Create Your Own Reality!

Some days are better than others right? Well it seams like all of that bull crap is fed to us by media and other people’s opinions and your broke relatives. See are you breathing? Are you able to run up and down the block? Well, I have a good news for you! All days are good. Yeah something like ADAG.

Your know people make up all these other abbreviations I just scream ADAG and they are like…what? You heard me ADAG. It’s not that the day is bad or something. I mean as far as weather is concerned, if you are in Texas all days are good. It’s something inside that needs to be GOOD or “go out often do.” Simple right? Not really. Out is scary, stormy and cloudy. It’s actually sunny.

But your perception is what really matters here. It’s not what the reality is. Your perception is reality. Your internal voice is lying to you cause you’ve been feeding It lies. You know garbage in garbage out. I know pressures of life are real. But so are possibilities and the wide selection of exit ways especially in the internet age.

I agree it’s not easy, but what it is? Sitting in a cubicle listening to the voice of someone you hate is not easy. Getting in your car, driving for un hour to go to a place that you hate to do something you can’t stand is not easy. Why do you think creating your own reality is easy. I mean a good day will include doing what you like and enjoy life right? Well this ain’t happening in anybody else’s reality.

You will need to create your own reality. It’s not that other people’s realities suck. There is only one problem “you are not included.” So how do you create your own reality? Well one thing is for sure “create!” See creating by its self requires spilling your guts inside out. Means that you will be exposed. All the internal thoughts, inspirations and desires will be shown in what your create. Now that sounds scary right? Breaking news! You are already exposed!

Airport security X-ray anybody! You may as well use it. Next: people or at least some people will need to like what you create. Your know, you need to eat…getting my drift? See creativity can’t stop with just creating your “think.” You have to find a way to let the others know you’ve got a “thing.” See creating your own reality requires taking ownership of everything that happens to you. No big bad boss to blame. No corporate to ask for things… So what is going to be? Do you still want that good day or… But…but…

Really? Why did I spend half hour writing this manual, manifesto to freedom AKA Having a Good Day. You are not gong to bail out on me right? You will hold your stand and perceive that the distance is soo small but there is one thing. There is NO bridge. The bridge is YOU. Yes you need to stretch and make the difference. Well or just keep in your lame existence. As a little obedient drone, get out of bed wash your face, put on your shiny suit and drive to the place. You know that place where your lie that you work and they lie that you are included. Yes you are “in -clue- dead” no question about that. But…still looking for way out. Well there is only one way. Make your own way. Create your own reality!