Get Your Own Attention Trading Machine Going

Attention! You know what is the biggest trading platform in the world today? Let me give you a hint. It’s not any of the ones you may think about. It’s not even a financial platform. It has the two initials FB. Ok you guessed right. It’s face book. This is what is going on. You know how every guru and “wise” person is screaming “time is money…” Well here you have it.

Attention Is King

Face book is a humongous attention “think time” trading platform. I know you have your other favorite platform pinterest, Instagram, snap and whatever. But that’s not the point. They are all competing for one “very liquid” currency called “attention.” Now I know what you are thinking. What’s so big about attention? Well you tell me. Why the big Google like companies are spending gazillions of $ to show a thirty seconds commercial on Superbowl half time? Because they need your attention.

Attention Equals MONEY

Why do they need it? So you can hopefully buy their product. So guess what? Facebook is making you give a 100% of your attention, hours at a time at whatever they want you to look. Now talk about that kind of trade. It’s better than Gold, better than EURUSD. It’s better than virtually anything else. It’s people spending “think investing” time in your platform/product and making you a money river with not beginning and end. No hours of operation. It’s an operation in any timezone with no off hours. It’s always open and ready to serve more and more customers.

Take Your Attention(Money) Back

Now I don’t know about you. I have not seen anything similar to that. The only thing that comes close is a fiction character with the “golden fish.” I’d say to FB take good care of the golden fish and make sure it’s not slipping away. Well I think you’ve got the concept. Attention equals time equals money going to the company/person commending attention property. So now you know you are investing in FB and likes. But how can that help you? Well when I say investing it should be in air quotes. You are kind of volunteering an investment in a company that is raking billions and you are left with less time.

Make Your Own Attention Mouse Trap

Less time to invest in your own attention trading gig. Less time for you to create your own attention grabbing machine. Well I know that this information will just pass through 99% of the readers and not get any “attention.” But I am really aiming for the 1% or just one person. To get off the attention trading platform and start working on their own investment plan. Invest in themselves. Create their own attention trading deficit. Swing the scales in their direction. Start getting some of that juice come down their own pipe. I thing you’ve got the point.