Give a Deaf Ear to Fear!

Far Fetched And Rare. What is fear to you? Well I put it in abbreviated form with capital letters on top. It’s something that could and would and if happened you will get your itch scratched and imaginations put to rest.

Usually happens to you by avoiding and not facing your problems. In this case is just like avoiding the people that you don’t want to face. You make an extra effort to go to the other side of the room, the opposite curbside etc… So you make all efforts to avoid the problem (person.) If you make half the effort to face the person “problem” your life will be a lot better.

So back to avoiding; in the same time you are trying to gestimate the thought of the “enemy.” At this point you are in the jungle of your imagination. Most likely that person is not thinking about you for you etc… Everyone has his/her own problems and the chances of thinking about doing you harm are very slim. Slim as you can be if you drop the fear. See fear brings up a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol makes you fat, it’s a run or fight hormone. This hormone when released makes you hold water and fat specifically in the waste area.

So FEAR or Freaking Emotional After Reaction is giving you a feat. A feat that makes you jerk and squint your eyebrows every time you think of F-AIR (if there is such an airline.)

Some of this will not make sense immediately. Don’t worry it will come to you at a specific designed time. Stepping up in life can’t happen in FEAR it only happens in FAITH. As you see both words start with F, but the key is how they finish. See you can start a situation in fear, but decide to finish in faith. All you do is change and take the EAR out of fear. As long as you are deaf to fear it will be all right. Silence that sucker. I’m not saying it’s easy. But also it’s not that hard. You don’t have to be creative or come with some new concept. Just don’t listen. I know you are very good at that exercise. How do I know? Most people are! I maybe know one person that is able to really listen. So use your weaknesses to your advantage. Don’t listen to fear. The fact that you don’t act as your normal when in fear should worry you. Why do you become a different person? You don’t react in usual way to situations. You make irrational BAD decisions. You say things you will regret. All that should make you forget fear. Even if there is a emergency situation, making a bad decision makes it worse, not better! So keep your cool at all cost and don’t get lost in the labyrinth of fear. Cause now you have the gear to punch that monster in the rear and have it be gone forever from your back view mirror!