Making Sense Of It All Pick Your Favorite Flavor of S… Sandwich

So you get up in the the morning brush your teeth, wash your face. Do whatever the rest of your routine may commend and head on. Head for a place you hate to see people that you don’t like and do it over and over and over again. So it’s finally the weekend your favorite team loses. Your highly regarded politician do not get elected in office. Your friends didn’t show in the coffee shop. What do you make of all this? Well you make S.O.U.P. Serious Open Upward Push.

Snap The Spiral Of Death

See in this kind of circumstances there is only one thing you can do PUSH. Not only push but push long continuously and hard. Think of it as a birth. The birth of your new found Freedom. See it’s not really going to work with soft and easy. You’ve been doing it soft and easy for a long time and it’s only been more and more confusing. You know it’s like a vicious magic circle getting tighter and tighter around your neck. The only way to escape is getting a long and strong wire snapper.

Get The Big Wire Snapper To Freedom

Position the razor sharp cutting blades and squeeze as hard and as fast as you can. At this point the only thing you can do is pray and believe that the effort and the tools are the right kind and will do the job. I hope by now you can understand where am I headed with this symbolic language. I’m not really talking about wire snappers and rolls of wire. I gave you the full picture of creating and executing your side gig that will eventually bring you freedom. Now there are several ways you can go about this. You are looking for your new found freedom.

Change Your Actions

To drastically change your circumstances you will need to change your actions. See it doesn’t work the other way around. Things and circumstances and events don’t change until you change. It all starts with you. You need to be at peace before peace comes on the outside. You need to be happy before happiness manifests. Some of these thoughts and ideas will go way deeper than just your desire for success or wealth. The manifestation of these attributes is just the surface of what is happening on the inside. Start with fixing the inside and then the outside will start to appear more polished and thing will start to line up.

Pick Your Favorite Flavor of S… Sandwich

So how to make sense of it all. Start inward. Make sense of your head space. Bring the confidence and piece on the inside and progress on the outside. There a millions way to do that of course. The inside and outside process working together is ideal. See speed of execution is essential. But now you have the framework. You understand the path. Like someone used to say “choose your favorite flavor of s… sandwich.”