To Press or Not To Press?

Some push and some don’t. I’ve done surprising myself how stubborn my buddy is to weight manipulation. I’m doing my regular workout at home squats, push ups ets… I hear my own or not so own thoughts “press on presss on.” I’m thinking I’ve been pressing on now on this body for close to 33 and some years to keep it in line.

And I know that’s what all the gurus say “try harder, stay focused” and other self absorbed slogans. Read my article “do as the gurus do you are one too.” So where is the end of pushing ? The end of the push is your mouth. Like someone said “good friends and good figure depends on knowing when to shut and open your mouth.” Is that true or we just need to push? I’ve observed hundreds of people in the gym push day in and day out. Unfortunately if you you see them out if the gym you can’t tell if they are working out or not. What is the matter? They are pushing all right how come they are not getting results? The problems is, they open their mouth too often.

Now, I know this is not the politicly correct think to say. You may call me a cynic or even an insensitive prick. The question is different. What are all the wrong assumptions you have in your head? How many of these wrong assumptions you use daily? How many wrong assumptions have become a hard rule in your life? Do these so called principles like “working out will make me look good” have worked for you? Have you achieved a different or any results from using these principles?

The only way really to achieve something someone else have achieved, is by doing what they do and not what they say. Stop copying the leaders or the role models bluntly! See what actually they do. Even then you may not get the same results. In case of achieving body composition or certain figure it may not work the same way. Your DNA maybe completely different. In any case don’t get hung up on certain methodology for too long.

You know about the other myth “stick with it until it works.” Well if something doesn’t work on the first 10 ties give it up. I will only suggest this to be an exception for relationships. I agree it may work “that thing” after you try it 20 times. The question is is this your strength? You know, your days are numbered use them wisely. Do things that you are naturally inclined to do. If you don’t know what these thing are, it’s easy just ask your mom, dad or wife.

So how long until you drop the assumptions, myths or whatever you are holding on? The fact is change is not easy. So let assume that your assumptions is wrong. Well, at some point you will have to change your behavior. Just think about it. How hard is just to understand why other people act the way they do? Put yourself in their shoes as they say. It’s certainly a very hard exercise for me. He he you thought I’m writing this article for you…Well, I write it as much for myself too. My mind is pretty well made. It’s hard to break the hard cover and go change things inside. Well this is until the nut is cracked. See, I’m not speaking of the nuts in the jar. Really, talking here about the nut that’s above your nose. Your brain you know. The only way you break that nut is with a new thought. Yes that is the biggest fat hummer you can have to break that nut. Like the thought of feeling what other people feel or trying to get their point of view. That is a huge big hummer thought.

Usually you are stubborn, insist on doing everything your own way. And now you have these peculiar thought to think like your “enemy.” Meaning you would have to take the goodies the stuff inside your head and twist it and turn it until is done. DONE like “definitely obviously no excuse.” Anyway the ideas and thoughts are one way to change your mind.

See, I was not going to go there, but it happened to me. The pain factor or factory will make you change your mind. BUT…it’s not necessary. You can use a thought, an idea or just pretend you are playing a game. It will help you come on the other side. All these obstacles and walls the gurus are talking about…You know, you suppose to break them, smash them push through and the other expensive words.

The important thing to remember is, all these obstacles or at least some of them are imaginary. It takes an willing mind a thought and couple of seconds and the walls disappear, evaporate and become magic dust. All you need to remember from my blurb is that you are one thought away from freedom, live life to the fullest or whatever your thing may be. Use your brain it’s a lot easier than pain to break through the mess and become a “suck-Cess.”