The ROI Of Not Giving A S..T

Give a deaf year to worry thoughts and keep executing. Yeah a deaf year if such a thing even exist. What is the ROI of not paying attention to minor or major disturbances. See what happens when things try to jump in your mind and try to take over you “hard drive?” Figuratively speaking you freeze. Yes your whole system freezes. You can’t function. Usually if that happens to a digital de- vice it’s easy most of the time at least. You know the drill restart, format etc. But with human is not that easy. Restarting may take days, formatting years or never. So the ROI of not giving a “shit” excuse my french is HUGE. For one thing it can save your life if you are suicide. But that’s not the upside. The upside is speed. See these minor and major setbacks happen to your competitors too. They get people threatening to sue them, unhappy customer leaving them “name your folly here.” But this is the secret. The normal situation would be you spending hours meditating internally and replaying the tape of “what if this and that.”

Here is what can happen if you don’t fallow that pattern. You get hit with something minor hopefully. You spend about 2 minutes deciding what would be the ups and downs. You make a decision about the situation immediately. Or just let it be and have it work on itself. Five minutes later you are on track pushing to you schedule like nothing ever happened. Now that is a revelation to some of you. At least for me is pretty hard to accomplish.

But understanding the process and benefits from not freezing and spending hours of unproductive “mind tape playing” should force me to think otherwise. So we know that these minor setbacks happen almost daily. Can you imagine what would happen if we just breeze seamlessly through a half of them? This is what will happen. You will be at least 30 to 40% ahead of the game whatever your game is. Now I personally I like that a lot. I am making a commitment to change the behavior in these situation. I know it will be hard and not logical. But I look at the process and know it should work. So let’s all skip the drama and become way more productive and happy. Now that is the really good deal that you’ve been looking for today!