The Secret To Getting Slim FAST


The secrets to getting slim fast. Yeah whatever. I know the title sounds sketchy, but I will really try to lay it down for you in really plain language here. See I know you’ve heard all the promises from the big gurus. Do this and that and drink so much of this stuff and you will lose x amount of weight and look like a model from your favorite magazine. You look yourself in the mirror and are like, yeah I suck. Really how many people reading this would honestly say “ I look good naked or with shorts?” Please don’t raise hands. But the truth is very few of you will. Why is that? See the ads and coaches are all lying.

You know the routine. Go to the gym everyday run, do pulls, flies, bench… Try big number of reps 12 and more to get the pump. Try low reps to build muscle. Do cardio, do cardio for 40 minutes, for 20 minutes etc. See, this is all good, but in effect is all a lie. I’ve been going to the gym all my adult life since I was 13. In the beginning as a teen I did get great results. It was fun going to bodybuilding contests etc. But then what? Been going to the gym or doing some kind of exercise every day since then. But really until couple months ago no one even can tell I’ve been working out “some can’t tell even now” lol.

I know a lot of you see the same discouraging results especially if you are over 40. Now what is wrong with that pretty picture? Push it all you can, go to failure, workout for 2 hours every day. So what? See pigs are working out every day too. Pigs do a lot of steps they do their steps every day. Yet they are pigs and they are fat. You will never look good with or with no clothes until you figure out what you do with the time outside of the gym. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not easy. If it was easy everyone will do it. At one point I was thinking it’s impossible. For everyone is different. You may have a different metabolism than me and may just have 6 packs and sit around all day and watch tv in your pjs with a bag of chips. But… here is the truth for most of us. Going to the gym alone will not get you looking great. The secret is not what you do in the gym. We all know to some extend what to do in the gee- yam. The secret is what you put in your mouth the rest of the time.

I found out for me the time I spend putting things in my mouth “ think food and time spent eating” has to be cut drastically. Like almost to none existence. See I’m like you used to having breakfast, lunch and dinner right? Wrong. That could work if you are professional athlete. However I am assuming that if you are reading this article you are not. So in this case you may only need two meals a day. Or even one meal a day in many cases or at least for extended period of time. This is for sure valid for people reading this article that are overweight. Don’t worry I’m counting myself in this number still. However I lost about #60 pounds and it took me a long time. It was slow in the beginning, but I got better. The goal was to lose weight, but also keep as much as possible of the muscle mass. See consider everything you’ve heard on tv and books about this topic. Take it in your hand. Make a big boll of shit out of it and throw it in the garbage. Because really that what this is. So what is the secret?

For me it was getting the eating time to one time a day. And not only one time a day but cutting the quantity of the food to about a half that what I normally would eat in that meal. I chose to do a lunch meal. It’s better than dinner meal in my opinion. You give your body enough time to digest the calories before night rest. So how do you go with eating one time a day? Sometimes this is not completely true. I would get a spoon of honey here and there…But for the most time that what it was. So how can you do it? Well here is the secret for me. It’s not a magical pill it’s not alchemistry, it’s not something complicated. It’s doing something very real easy, but effective. You will never guess what it is. It’s just drinking plain simple water. Yep to your horror and dismay.

The secrets is drinking a LOT of water. Every time you are hungry, juke the urge to eat and drink some more water. This accomplishes two things. First drives you nuts (just kidding), but yes makes you feel full and helps your body get rid of the toxins that are generated from your weight loss. So is that all to it? Just eat less and drink water? You are kidding me! What a waste spending all that time reading my article right? Well if you think you know it all you can continue doing it your way and stay fat, go to the gym as much as you want and be scared to take your shirt from all the fat hanging around your gut. But also there is another way. Very simple and short. Eat less and drink water, a lot of water. One more thing. For me I had to add one more element. Yes I did work out, but also walked around 5 to 8 miles every day. So how can you do all this and not eat much. Same simple answer WATER this time with capital letters. So I hope you try this eat less and drink a tons of water “think like gallons, not cups.” And most of all think a gallon!