Work As We Know It Is Over!

So I feel your pain. You open your FB and intend just to look over couple of things and be done. But the couple things turn in to couple more things and then an hour has gone by before you know. Then you look at insta and… you follow my drift. So how in the world can you do any work while you are online? Well there is only one way FOCUS. And FOCUS here stands for freaking on course cutting your shit. But you say it’s easily said than done.

Normally you will indulge in the activities described above and will wait till the last moment to get pressed by the work to do it. It’s a given that you enjoy more scrolling through FB “fat but” and really would rather avoid any work like writing this article for example. See scrolling down your FB time line has something that work doesn’t provide to you. It’s called instant gratification and novelty. Every new click brings you new view or story of your friends etc… Work on the other hand most of the time involves repetitive tasks and digging a lot of “you know what” to get to the strawberries. So what do we do then? Is there hope for us that we will ever be able to do something with these computer skills except scrolling through social networks?

I think the only way out is reversing the process. You need to make your work instantly gratifying, rewarding and novelty ex-press if there is such a word. So how is even the thought of such thing even possible. Who am I to propose we turn the work in to a game. Well I don’t think we have a choice but to do so. Yes you heard me right. Turn any work in a “Pokemon” kind of a game. With included levels, virtual to physical rewards and all the bells and whistles. I believe 85% of the workforce and I think these numbers are really low will only perform in these kind of work conditions. When you make the work a big playground. So let’s take your regular physical intensity or repetitive job.

Right now no one wants to do these kind of jobs. You can pay anything you want to but in Texas is hot yearlong and in Minnesota is cold yearlong and people don’t wont to be cold or hot. Except when they are doing it on purpose “think people climbing high cold mountains and doing marathons in the desert. “ So you are a employer offering a stupid job “if there is anything like that” but let say you have a fast food restaurant. You will not get people with master degrees to work there “some phenomena do exist.” So you are in a low margin industry, you are forced to pay minimum to make a buck. Very soon your only option will be to turn your workplace in a playground “figuratively speaking” or move to a third world county if they are still around. This is just a good food for thought right now, but pretty soon may become the only food to live by…