Heard, But Forgot To Listen

Not to miss, Kratika is still typing, but before that there was an defensive attack!!!
And the other end of the screen
Heard but forgot to listen. And this little difference led conversations into chaos.

This little talk with my buddy began intensely with an intention to understand how different he felt with his life lately. But the topic got deviated and reached to “How dare we talk to each other so rudely?”

Damn!!! and we abandoned the conversation.

He read and reacted.

Unfortunately the pause between the two (reading and reacting) that gave time to contemplate no longer exists now.

And discussion ends in arguments.

And a few hours later when we reanalyzed the situation, it was realized how trivial the issue was.

But again between listening to the thoughts and acting sensibly, this time there lay the ego… “Why should I?”

Instead of clearing the mess or ignoring and moving out, we enlarge it by texting it to others or posting a status. To which, other intruders seek as an opportunity to bake some gossip.

But why? I mean how immature yet so common.

Banging the phone, going offline, slamming the door, giving it back, hurting with greater force or bitter words. That’s what we do and end up making conversations a chaos

Listen, think and act….

No, but we will,

Hear, react and have the final word.

It gives us that win win situation.

But is it winning an argument or losing a discussion and often then a relation??

I felt so bad and thought my friend was not worth being spoken. Even a single second is a waste talking to him, and simply because he did not listen and my words remained unattended.

It is important that the next time before we shoot a cluster of bows in form of words, kitchen utensils, doors or some other mode of agitation take a pause shorter than the breath to think was the chit chat worth this brutal reaction.

Life is beautiful and people are good.

It’s just

a rapid reaction that is often a mess.

The choice is ours
Silent pauses or bitter words
To listen or to hear!

Because, life is still beautiful and people are good :)

Feedback appreciated :)