Meet me

Meet me on a land none owns, 
Where river be under no treaty.
And streams be as many as stars,
So does the deodar trees.
Meet me in the ruthless winters, 
Where your warmth be the only ray. 
And we let the rum slowly simmer 
Sipping small cups the entire day.
Meet me when the mountains be under sheets all white,
Together we wait, for the spring to arrive. 
And when lilies bloom wild and free, 
With green ferns, we build a canopy.
Meet me when sun kiss the mountain top,
And endlessly we walk for miles,
Or carelessly lay counting the pines 
As million falls, trickle down the rock.
Meet me on a land far away, 
Where mountains be fair and bright.
And sitting besides the crystal fountain, 
We weave stories the entire night.
Meet me,
Where nature and nurture breed,
And forgetting everything,
It’s a new world we conceive.