The Importance of Love & Laughter.

I always thought my first post on Medium would be along the lines of career advice, partnerships, or tech trends but frankly, I’m glad I’m writing about something far more important.

Love & laughter.

Last night, my fiancee and I were lucky enough to see Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally’s “Summer of 69 — no apostrophe” comedy show at the Largo theater in Los Angeles. For those of you unfamiliar with Nick and Megan outside of their incredible characters on Parks & Recreation, Fargo, and Will & Grace, they’re the definition of #relationshipgoals.

Nick & Megan as the famed Ron & Tammy Swanson on Parks & Rec

They’re many things, but most importantly, Nick & Megan are people who love, respect and support one another throughout all of their endeavors — and have the gift of turning that love into gut-busting comedy.

Their show is equal parts raunchy as it is loving (okay, maybe its a bit more raunchy), and for my fiancee, and I, it couldn’t have come at a more needed time.

The last few weeks have been tough. We’ve had to postpone our upcoming wedding to take care of medical bills (nothing serious though, thankfully), I had a trip to the hospital for a major laceration on my hand, my grandmother passed away, and Lauren’s (my fiancee) dog from her childhood finally said good bye after 17 amazing years.

We’ve had (and have) an incredibly charmed life, but these have definitely been some tough punches to the gut all at once.

I usually try to lose myself in work and friends, but when you work from home and your best friends are 3,000 miles away, that’s easier said than done. But last night, Nick & Megan’s show was a 90-minute escape filled with love & laughter - Two things Lauren & I have always prided ourselves on being able to do no matter the circumstance. And when we needed it most, we got to watch two people who truly love each other and what they do, reminding us to do what we do best — Love.

That’s the best advice I can offer today — no matter what’s going on in your life, turn to love & laughter. I continue to use these two words together, because I truly believe that combined they are infinitely more powerful than when separated. Laughter can not be full without love & love cannot be full without laughter. And life is a hell of a lot harder without either.

Love & Laughter

And when you have somebody who values love & laugher as much as you do, there is no better medicine.

Thank you, Nick & Megan, for that reminder.

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