What lies beyond death?

Many have their own concept of what happens after death.

Maybe it’s due to one’s ability to create that leads us to these false narratives? Sounds about right?

Are we just another specimen that got lucky to be apart of this chemical fuckery what we call life? With no significant meaning after death?

Either two things could happen either a technological advancement leads us to be able to see the after life of this realm or we can commence the next stage, and be ap-art of our own demise.

I pondered a bit about what I believe could be the peak of human intelligence. I’m not much of a thinker but this is what came to mind.

An implosion that ripples through our world through the use of either dark energy or dark matter.

An accelerating expanding implosion.

Maybe this artificial implosion could even catch up with the ever expanding universe or alter the expansion.

A disruption of the quantum world is what should be the goal.

Something that I think exceeds the realm of death and for those that believe in reincarnation this could be a way to end it perhaps.

Is this a weapon or a defense mechanism?

Something of this category doesn’t seem within reach, but maybe it can be.

If possible it could be used as mans final effort for self destruction if we were to go to war with beings far beyond our imagination. Essentially it would be like a if I go down your coming with me sort of sense.

If we humans decided to further progress our means of exploration could it be in a sense of self destruction?

Or would that be nonsensical, to support distortions of realities.

Is this a type of exploration that questions mans ability to explore?



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Krausse Santaella

Krausse Santaella

Hello, I’m a writer of some sort, pro-monkey the ones that started it all 👽🐒🧬 pro-animals,