Measure Twice, Cut Once and then Start Over

The saying “measure twice, cut once” is wise advice about the benefits of planning when starting a project. It is absolutely true that a little planing now will save you a lot of work later. But what often goes unsaid is that it is precisely in the moments when you make mistakes that you learn the deepest and most lost lasting lessons. Indeed, it is only through these mistakes that the masters that dispense this wisdom became so wise.

Sometimes you have to struggle through a project filled with mistakes to gain the most out of it. This is so true that it might be better to say “Measure Twice, Cut Once and then Start Over”.

Adam Savage says that he always buys enough material to build a new project twice. He has been making professionally for years and yet he knows to allow for mistakes. He anticipates and even celebrates them, because he knows that it is in our failures where true personal growth happens.

I think that something I need to be more open to is the possibility of starting from square one on a project, giving the whole project the benefit of what I have already learned.