Why Military Krav Maga Training Is Different From Civilian Training

There is a common misconception that Krav Maga training for military is much more advanced that Krav Maga taught to civilians. When in reality, both comprises of dealing with enemy combatant in a war zone and serious life threatening situations versus a muggler with a knife in a dark alley has a lot of similarities.but the differences are in the circumstances surrounding an engagement with an enemy on the battlefield and an attack on the street.

Krav Maga is same but there are different applications for different situations. The first and the foremost difference is the time factor. Although Krav Maga training is designed to allow students to gain maximum proficiency in self defense in the least amount of time, but in the military it is more. While teaching a civilian, the time frame and the danger factor are broader. For example: the civilian fears dangerous situation but he is not planning on entering a dangerous area at any specific time, but a soldier have a specific date when he will be sent to a war or fight. A civilian can learn three weeks or five weeks but a soldier has only three or five weeks, after that he might be put back on some active duty or some other training.

The military is being taught hand to hand training assuming that the defender is aware of eminent danger and has quick access to a weapon that can be used to help capture their enemy. In a war zone, it is expected that you are armed with certain weapons and are expected to be alert and ready for dangerous situations at all times. among civilians, attacks often happen when the defender least expects it; furthermore, they are unarmed and cannot depend on anything other than on their feet and hands to defend themselves.

So, the training reflects all these fundamental differences which means that Military Krav Maga Training doesn’t teach some secret hand to hand techniques that can kill an enemy instantly. In fact, it depends on the specialization of the person and skills that need to be trained like weapon handling, demolition, apprehension tactics, wilderness survival, evasive driving, intelligence gathering, foreign language, leadership, communications, just to name a few.

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