Guitars, Cadillacs, and The Ole Miss Rebels

Singer Songwriter Dwight Yoakam was a thousand miles from his hometown of Kentucky as he pulled on his tight blue jeans and country roots onto the stage in Oxford, Mississippi. This Urban Cowboy was Held to such high standards by the crowd, and he was everything but a disappointment. You could feel the energy in the crowd from the moment your I.D was checked at the door. Looking to the right there is a line of woman wearing their favorite blue jeans and wearing their cowboy boots that probably haven’t been worn since the 90’s, all in line for their one and only Dwight T-shirts. Looking to the left only to see a line full of honkytonk men waiting to crack open a cold one.

Fans walked up to get the best spot in the standing room. You could see fans on their tippy toes trying to dodge the 7-foot man in front. The crowd cheers and whispers Dwight songs patiently waiting for him to come out. He walks on stage and nobody is shocked. He came out wearing the same tight blue jeans, low cut cowboy hat, and those infamous white cowboy boots. He started this trend in 1979 when he bought his famous cowboy hat for under fifty dollars and was determined not the let his fans down. His backup singers came out wearing diamond blazers, blinding the audience with every turn.

The stage was more than big enough for Yoakam. He seemed to have a comfort box on stage where he stood in for most the performance. He still managed to throw in some of his favorite moves. The sound of his voice was no different than coming out of your car radio. His voice was calm, deep, and raspy. Every word he sang sent chills down your spine. 90 minutes of nothing but good ole country music.

Song after song the fans sang along without missing a beat. From “a thousand miles from nowhere” to “honky-tonk man” the crowd was knocking back drinks and having themselves a damn good time. You could feel the positive energy flying through the room. His birth certificate may show sixty-one but his moves on staged proved us differently. He was jigging his leg back and forth and spinning to the music while giving us one hell of a show. Dwight closed his act with a fan favorite “guitars, Cadillac’s,” and left us with nothing but a good time.

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