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Ivan Krstić
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This is a selection of my design work from 2010–2018.

Senior UI/UX designer with 12 years of experience in web and mobile design. Over the years I worked with brands, startups, companies, and institutions such as Element451, The Serbian Government, UNDP, Nordeus, KFC, BBDO, Coca-Cola, Hemofarm, United Group, DataMaid, data privacy NGOs and many others.

UI design, UX design and research, Rapid wireframing and prototyping, Responsive website and landing page design, Web apps design, Mobile apps design (iOS and Android), Design systems implementation, Visual identity and print design, Creative Direction

Element451 (December 2015 — July 2018)

In December 2015 I started working as UI/UX designer in Element451, a company based in Long Island, NY as a part of the Belgrade team.

I was a part of the 2 man product design team of Element451 Intelligent Admissions platform. Element451 is a software for managing leads, admissions, events, microsites, landing pages and email marketing campaigns for higher-education institutions in the US. You can find out more about it on their website: http://element451.com/

I was in charge of complete product design from research and planning, design and prototyping, handoff to developers with design system style guide, to testing, gathering feedback, iterating design, testing, gathering feedback, iterating design (…) and final QA.

Have a look at the projects that I worked on:



Page451 is a responsive landing page builder web app. You can choose from 100+ pre-made components and customize them to suit your needs, create forms to gather leads and personalize content for different audiences.

Here you can see the live prototype at work, with all the interactions and basic editing functionality like inline text editing, changing background image, button color, show/hide components elements, etc.

Page451 Editor Prototype — Basic editor interactions
Page451 Editor Prototype — Content editing, versions and variables

Here’s the sample page creation video using the final product version.

Page451 — Sample Page Creation Demo Video

Element Messenger

Element Messenger is a widget that can be incorporated on any website and its purpose is to allow direct chat communication between website visitors and the client’s support representatives.

It is used on the college landing pages and the students applications.

Element Messenger Prototype



Decision451 is a web app for reading and reviewing college applications. It has some advanced features like Intelligent Admissions (AI decisions based on certain criteria), deliver decision package across multiple channels (acceptance letters, financial aid), custom cohorts, document management, etc.

You can see application management in two views- table and the Kanban board, and details about the selected application.

Decision451 Prototype


Design System

We’ve also developed our own design system to use across all of our apps. It’s using Angular Material as a base but it has a lot of custom components. You can see some of them below:

CL App (2018 / freelance project)

I worked on this project as a freelance contractor and I was in charge of UI design, definitions of user flows and interactions and prototyping.

CL is a HR management application which allows you to send employee rating surveys to other employees in your company, review them, and decide on the follow up actions.

New Questionnaire Prototype
Send Survey Prototype
Answer Survey Prototype
Survey Review Prototype
Group Survey Prototype

Website Design (2016–2018)

Here’s the selection of websites and landing pages I designed in the last 3 years.

Cloudly Labs (May 2013 — November 2015)

In May 2013, I co-founded Cloudly Labs, a digital creative studio based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Here are the case studies for projects I worked on during that period.


Kiss Menu

Municipality of Bečej

KFC Srbija

NIS Gazprom Neft


Simply Tastly

Ajax Phone


Earlier Work (2010–2012)

You can also see some of my older work on my Behance profile.

Thank you for watching!

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