The Dock

“Let’s go swimming,” she told him.

“Where?” he said, with obvious confusion in his voice. There was no pool at the cabin they were staying in, he thought, and surely she couldn’t be talking about jumping in the lake at two o’clock in the morning.

But that’s exactly what she had in mind.

“Do you want to get changed first?” he asked her.

She bit down on her lower lip in that knowing, mischievous way, a way that he loved so much about her.

“We can change when we get down there,” she said.

Her words took a few moments to register and compute in his brain, but eventually he realized what she had in mind.

They left the cabin barefoot, but didn’t seem to mind. They plodded towards the lake along a gravel road, holding hands and randomly kissing under the sliver of milky white moon. She felt safe and warm whenever they touched, him gently holding her face between his hands. And in these moments every care she had melted away, like butter in a frying pan.

The commotion of the lovers seemed to rouse the slumbering animals of the forrest, and a curious pair of night owls landed on a tree branch to observe them.

They disrobed at the end of the wooden dock, their clothes commingling in a tangled mess, much like their minds whenever they thought of each other. She cut a stunning figure against the twinkling pin dot sky and he could not take his eyes off of her. He could not take his eyes off of her. He’d known her since she was nineteen and was amazed at how much her body had matured in all the right ways. The two slender cords running up the sides of her supple neck, her stomach glistening in the moonlight. As she slid off her underwear, she tried covering her breasts but her ample bosoms spilled from her grasp.

Now properly attired, they walked to the middle of the dock to get a running start before sprinting towards the edge of the lake, jumping off the deck and screaming with puerile delight like two kids on a swing set. When he came to the surface, treading and churning his feet to stay afloat, he eagerly looked for her. And then she was upon him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, her legs around his waist. When their lips touched it was as if they had taken a bite of the moon together, and in that moment he felt like they could stay in this watery embrace for all of eternity, sinking down to the muddy bottom and becoming the type of lovers that people wrote songs about.